Saturday, June 30, 2012

Since March

I guess it's true that every day life just seems to get busier and busier. Between taking care of kids (job), going to meetings and helping out with different church responsibilities (church), volunteering at the woman's shelter (serving) and dating, that just doesn't seem to leave a lot of time for anything else. I can't believe the last time I updated this blog was in March. Of course shortly after that post the temple open house began and lots of responsibilities followed.

I have to say that the temple open house was miraculous. I have been a member of the LDS church my whole life and been to several temples but I had never been to an open house. It is such an amazing feeling. Thousands of people came to tour this beautiful building and they traveled from all over. Just to be able to be there to see the looks on each person's face was joy for me. I was able to take a dear friend of mine with me on a tour and I could tell by the glint in her eyes that she couldn't believe the beauty before her. As we walked up the flights of stairs she just seemed at peace. The questions that followed were wonderful and I was so happy that she was able to get just a glimpse into my joy and my life. It is such an amazing thing to have a temple so close!

My job is going great but will be coming to an end near the end of August. This is kind of a sad thought but I know that I will find something else to do and I will be just as happy doing whatever that is. I have a lot to think about though, which honestly is the most exciting part. I believe that I can do anything I want to do so the sky is the limit for me right now. It also helps that I am single and can make those decisions without needing to run it by someone else. Which brings me to the next bit...

I decided a little over two months ago to join I didn't think that I would get much traffic and if I did I didn't figure that I would find anyone that would really stand out enough for me to be interested. I was wrong and I'm glad I was wrong. Soon after joining I had over 200 views on my page. I couldn't believe it. Now don't get me wrong a lot of those guys weren't even close to being someone I would match myself with but it was great to see that I was some what popular! Then there were those few that really stuck out. Since joining I have been out on several dates, met some extremely great guys, met some not so great guys, but I'm seriously enjoying it. I think it is important to put yourself out there. So during this process I have also taken some time to do a little bit of writing. I have decided to start putting down my thoughts on relationships and perhaps one day turn it into a book. I guess that discussion will be for another time.

I am seriously hoping that I will start getting better at this blogging thing. Thanks for reading what I had to say.

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